Frequently asked questions

Useful questions and answers!

1How many channels are included in the TELKOS platform?
The TELKOS platform includes over 200 channels.
2Which TV channels are broadcast in HD quality?
All national and local channels of Kosovo that have HD signal are transmitted with HD signal.
3Should I buy Wi-Fi?
Wireless modem comes for free to our customers.
4How fast is the Internet?
Depending on the package, the internet speed starts from 100 Mbps and more ...
5Where can I contact in case of breakdown?
You can contact us at these phone numbers: Tel: +383 (38) 600 321 Mob: +383 (44) 100 995 e-mail:
6In which neighborhoods of Prishtina do you range?
7Working hours?
Monday - Friday: 08:00 to 19:00 Saturday: 09:00 to 17:00 Sunday: Closed
8How to display Albanian subtitles on the screen on TV channels?
In the pilot press the MODE button, then continue pressing Subtitles, and for the Albanian language select Subtitles-alb
9It appears on the screen: Your device is not supported?
To eliminate this problem, press the F1 key on the pilot.
10It appears on the screen: Your STB is damaged. Call the provider.
To eliminate this problem, press the F1 key on the pilot.
11A red LOSS light appears on the modem.
Carefully try to remove the optical cable under the modem and put it back on, then restart the modem, if the red light does not stop please do not hesitate to contact us: 044100995 or 038600321.
12How to update MAG-322?
13Where can I pay?
Payments can be made at our points : Rr.Ukshin Hoti,Pejton, Prishtinë. Rr. Nenë Tereza, Fushë Kosovë. Also at all points in the Western Union. At the same time, payments can be made at RiaCapital. Payments can also be made via E-banking. (Once the online payment has been made, the receipt must be sent to
14How do I configure the TP LINK router?
The TP Link with Modem (ZTE) must first be connected via the Lan cable. (In ZTE: cable is placed in port 1,2,3 or 4) to the blue WAN port in TP-Link On your computer, open the web browser and enter this IP address: where you will be asked for your username (admin) and password (admin). After opening the main page, on the left side click on "Quick Setup" and click the "Next" button, then Quick Setup - Operation Mode select the option Wireless Router. Continue by selecting "Dynamic IP" or "Auto-Detect" and click "Next". Select Wireless Network Name: Your SSID (Wireless Name), region Albania or any other region, select WPA2-PSK (Recommended), in the space enter the password you want with a length of 8 to 64 characters and finally click Reboot or Finish.
15Scanning AMIKO receiver channels?
Take the remote control, continue to the MENU button then continue to Installation and press the OK button, then continue to Cable Installation press OK, to continue scanning these parameters should be: TP Index 1/77 Frequency (306.0) Symbol Rate 6900 Modulation 64 QAM NIT Search on Then proceed to the green button on the remote control (Scan). -Be careful if the parameters are not as above, the scan does not end successfully. Once the settings are as above, you must proceed to the Green button (Scan). After the scan is complete, continue with the EXIT button until the channels appear.
16Scanning TELKOS receiver channels?
First take the receiver remote control and press the MENU button, then go to the SETTINGS window and press ok, then INSTALLATION press ok, then select DVB C press ok, To complete the scan successfully, make sure you have the following parameters: FEC MODE DVB-C TP Index 1/40 Frequency 306.0 Symbol Rate 6900 Modulation QAM-64 Nit Search ON Channel Type All Channels Then on the remote control press the blue BLIND Search button Once the scan is complete, continue with the EXIT button until the channels appear.